Who are these peoples!!!??

             The Abbott-O’Dell Roadshow is the culmination of talents between life partners Jessica Abbott and Trevor O’Dell. These two met in a bar, drank whiskey, and found a musical connection at a karaoke night in Seattle. Imagination exploded and the two formed the AO Roadshow meddling with acoustic covers inspired by Nancy Sinatra, John Prine, Lady Gaga, Patsy Cline, Radiohead, and others you may know by heart. The vivacious guitar and ukulele duet showcases the best of both talents together fusing a broad spectrum of singer folk-pop-country-rock songwriter with a dash of kazoo.

Often times billed as AO-K, close friend vocalist and violinist, Melissa Kiepke, joins the AO stage creating a dynamic richness to their tone with three part harmonies and velvet-like violin solos.

Original Works